Side Projects

This page contains links to most of my side projects, be it web sites, utilities or development components, that I’ve done through years and which are consumer grade. That is – they were created with other users in mind and could even be documented.

All of them are free, unless stated otherwise.

Better Password Generator

Password generating utility for Windows

Captcha Control for ASP.NET Web Forms

Made in 2007 (?) this component is one of the most used Captchas in ASP.NET world. It’s downloaded about 200 times daily.

Currency Converter for Windows Phone 8 and 7.1

Mobile application for Windows Phone, published September 1st 2013. Although it was created rather as an experiment in many fields, I have a strong vision, which will ensure apps usability and popularity.

Currency Converter for Windows 8.1 and earlier

So called “Metro” application, which is almost the copy of the Windows Phone application. It was created mainly for Microsoft’s contest, as I didn’t see the market hunger for this kind of application. However, it looks and works great and is definitely a killer app if you need one.

Currency Converter for Windows 10

The same application, just the link for users of Windows 10. 

Continuous Integration Agent for Team Foundation Server

Application for software developers, who need to deploy automated builds to lab servers. It can deploy files, send notifications, run commands before and after deployment, compress files to archive and send that archive if needed. It saves a lot of time and eliminates the risk of human error during intensive debugging sessions.

7-Zip Converter

Since 7-zip is my archiver of choice when size matters, and I need to convert hundreds of gigabytes of archives, I had to create a commercial grade software for that. This command line utility does the same things as RAR archiver, so if you are familiar with one, you know both of them.

Currency Rates updater for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Another utility that deals with currency rates, but this time it’s very specific – it updates currency rates in your Microsoft Dynamics 2011 database. Enough said.

Automatic Deployment framework for Hyper-V virtual machines

This is a set of utilities, both GUI and command-line, to facilitate automatic installation of Hyper-V virtual machines in classroom environment, i.e. simultaneously on 20-30 servers. It’s very powerful, and is especially useful if you need to redeploy a particular machine often at no notice. It was originally created to facilitate deployment of Microsoft training virtual machines in CPLS classrooms, but is not tied to course-ware machines. Works perfectly in both Windows Server 2008 and 2012.

Fast Card Backup

Windows tool to backup recent / particular type files from external drives (SD cards, flash sticks etc). Should be great for photographers and dash-cam owners.

File deployment framework for local and remote networks

This is a GUI utility and method to distribute large files, or sets of files, in local or distributed networks, without operating target machines. Files are distributed using torrent technology, so file server is not overloaded, as machines are sharing downloaded pieces with each other. Very useful in corporate LANs, where file server is under heavy load.

File backup utility

Command line utility to use in batch files, automation projects or just manually. It creates .bak files, restores from them, maintains needed number of backups and so on.

File synchronization utility

This little command-line utility is based on Microsoft Synchronisation Framework, and is synchronising two directories. I am using it daily to synchronise files to home server, and from home server to backup drives. Works like a charm.

File replacement utility

This command line utility allows you to replace all occurrences of a particular file in your machine. Moreover, it also allows you to create a batch file to perform such update later.

FTP Uploader Windows Console Application

Command-line tool to upload one or more files to FTP server. Like WGET, but in reverse.

HOSTS file editor

Command-line tool to apply changes and do common operations with Windows HOSTS file.

Link shortening engine and service

Also known as This website is not for use by everyone, but the purpose of the engine of this website is to serve as the corporate link shortening service. Many companies have such services for their needs, and currently I am working on making this service as stand-alone installation that will work out of the box.

This is an installable, feature rich web service. repository of prerequisite setup packages

As I quite often create setup packages, which install prerequisites from the internet, I perfectly know the problem of prerequisites either hard to find, or disappearing. This service is solving this problem. Easy links to any prerequisite that may be needed from setup package, which also can be backed up, if there is a risk that file might become unavailable in the future. This is a free internet service.

Mail Processing Unit - replacement for SMTP Service for Windows Server

This thing, as the name suggests, replaces the SMTP Service. The main difference between the two is that MPU is using SMTP account on another server to send messages, so it doesn't attempt to send messages directly. This is especially useful, when you are sending e-mails from cloud-based virtual server.


Folder redirection utility. It facilitates creation of junction points between NTFS drives, and migrating existing directories to new location with creating junction point on old location. I am using it to move files that require performance to SSD drives and files that don't require high performance to slow bigger drives.

Time To Leave

Folder cleanup command-line utility for batch cleanup folders from old files. Supports deleting to recycle bin, simple deleting or secure. Allows to set up number of days to keep the files, number of files to keep regardless of their age, file mask and much more. Highly recommend to system administrators. 

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