CAPTCHA sample project

by Dmitry Kirsanov 28. October 2011 15:41

Good Captcha in ASP.NET will make your website free from spamI’ve created a small sample project for Mondor's Captcha (see the full project page here). As some people are asking at the forum about how to implement it in ASP.NET project, I decided to make a quick sample for both development environment and production IIS.

MS CAPTCHA is a free component for ASP.NET which implements “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart” – an image which “only people” could read. In case of Mondor’s CAPTCHA, it also contains unique feature called “Arithmetic”, which displays simple formula, so even if bot will be able to read “2 + 2”, it will type “2+2” as an answer, while there should be 4.

I am proud to be the contributor of that project and to say that I was the one who implemented the mentioned “Arithmetic” functionality.

Captcha Sample Project screen shotThe sample file also contains public build of mscaptcha.dll for .NET framework 4.0.

Captcha4Sample.rar (39.39 kb)

NB: Take a look at the new Captcha Project page hosted in my blog. Soon it will become the primary location for project updates and information.

Future version Announcement – a better Captcha for ASP.NET

Currently a new version of Captcha (code named ProCaptcha) is in development, with additional layer of security, not included in any other solution. This additional layer will allow you to make your blog or forum free from spam with unbeaten efficiency. Subscribe now or use Twitter to get alerts about that new project when it will become available for testers. ProCaptcha (or whatever name it will be given on release) will be the same free component as the current Captcha.

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