Bing or Not?

by Dmitry Kirsanov 11. September 2012 12:07

Bing it onYou are probably aware about the new Microsoft’s initiative “Bing it on” – a website, which allows you to query both Google and Bing and see result pages side by side, without telling which is what.

In my case I’ve been sitting at Microsoft and watching people voting for one result page or another, by simply comparing which page looks better. The result was a draw.

However, it was 5 minutes later when I’ve opened both Google and Bing in two tabs and compared results with one simple query – “opensuse”. No, I didn’t think that Microsoft is hiding anything about the newest release of the most successful corporate Linux, it was just the first thing that came to mind.

Results were quite interesting. So interesting, that you can try to do the same right now.

While Google provided me with links to 20 different websites, with being the first one, the Bing gave me a page of 10 links, and all of them led to So, I can rightfully say that first page contained only one website. Which is whatever you want, but not a draw.

The idea to compare two websites was very good indeed, and too bad that Microsoft will soon have to close it.



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