How to install Chromium browser on Raspberry Pi 3 Raspbian Jessie

by Dmitry Kirsanov 20. June 2016 14:33

JessieI am working quite intensively with Raspberry Pi, and recently upgraded to both Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspbian Jessie, that was released during last quarter of 2015 and is currently the latest and greatest version of Raspbian.

The paramount part of my installation is Chromium browser, as these devices have to access website that is only compatible with Chromium-based browsers. And I found that if with previous Raspbian you could just run “aptitude install chromium” and it would install the browser, now you are getting message “no candidate version found for chromium” and nothing gets installed.

To overcome this issue and install Chromium, you need to download and install three packages. Here is the exact script of what you need to run in console:

sudo bash
dpkg -i 2H
dpkg -i 2F 2G
rm 2H 2F 2G

The first command will allow you to skip typing sudo before each next command. Then, you are downloading 3 packages using link shortener. Otherwise you would have to type full urls, which are: = = =

dpkg is package deployment command, which first have to install FFMPEG codecs for Chromium, as that’s the prerequisite without which the browser won’t install. The last command will remove 3 downloaded packages, as they were already deployed.

That’s it!

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