Learn or Die

by Dmitry Kirsanov 1. August 2011 06:28

Gather round digital denizens, and listen as I giddily proclaim the arrival of the First Postulate in all its shining glory. What is the First Postulate, you ask? Well in short, it's essentially my cynical Andrew Carnegie philosophy - quit the learning, commence the dying. Dramatic much? Maybe, but let me unwrap this intellectual fortune cookie for you...

Now, straight off the bat, let me clarify that we're not talking about the world of the cold, calculated IT training, though it might sneak in every now and then. No, fellow travellers on this voyage of discovery, we're setting sail on the boundless oceans of life. Sink your teeth into everything that is new, unexpected and even outright boring. Come on now! Have a real bite!

Okay, so you might have tossed your telly out the window, fed up with the mind-numbing monotony of reality TV. But surely you don't need to be a couch potato to know your LCDs from your Plasmas, or LEDs for all that matters. You may not don 3D glasses for a trip to fantastical realms on weekends. However, knowing there are gizmos out there that offer you this psychedelic journey won't kill you (but not knowing might, according to the postulate...).

Complete ignorance in any sphere is as taboo as pineapple on pizza to some folks. So tune into some electronica or experimental jazz even if it sounds like aliens communicating. Spend an hour a week diving into an ocean of literature, maybe try bobbing around in some dystopian currents or cheesy romance whirlpools you wouldn't normally venture into. This is not only to add a bit of spice to your life, but also to keep the old noggin sprightly, enduring and ever evolving. Yes, we're jazzing up your brain, folks.

And this little exercise in mental gymnastics isn’t for nothing. It's aiming for that golden target - improving the quality of life. There's an upgrade waiting for everyone, dare to download it. And remember, sharing this knowledge is like passing the controller in a multiplayer game. We're all in this together, team.

Don't switch off just yet, though. We're just getting started. Our future chats will touch upon the twins of creative disruption - innovation and creativity. So keep those gears turning and until next time, remember - dead is the brain that learns no more. ‘Til then, keep scrolling...

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