Making Chrome great again. Or, at least, bearable

by Dmitry Kirsanov 7. February 2019 11:27

One of the most hated parts of Google Chrome is it's Software Reporter Tool. This executable file is started by Chrome and supposedly is providing Google with logs from your computer. Either way, it's the fastest way to drain your laptop battery, make computer stutter and noisy. People often ask about the way to get rid of this software reporter tool, but the best advice they get is to modify the security permissions on executable file. Basically, the most common advice is to open the file settings, go to Security tab, ensure the security settings are not propagated from parent (in this case - directory) and then remove all access rights, making this file non-readable. Well, it only works till the next time Google Chrome updates.

A bit better way to lock this (or any other annoying) executable file is by using your Windows Group Policies.

Press Win + R, this will open the Run dialogue

Type "gpedit.msc" and press Enter. This will open the Local Group Policy Editor.

Navigate to "Local Computer Policy \ Computer Configuration \ Windows Settings \ Security Settings \ Software Restriction Policies"

Chances are, your policies are empty. In that case - right-click the Software Restriction Policies and check the first option to create new policies. You will see new items appearing in the tree.

Navigate to Additional Rules, then in the right pane right-click in empty space. Select “New path rule”. Type the name of the executable file there – “software_reporter_tool.exe”. Press OK. That’s it, this tool won’t run again, even after Chrome update or re-installation, by any user of this computer.

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