One less book in a pile

by Dmitry Kirsanov 2. October 2011 18:35

How many books you have in your current pile? Or do you have a pile of books waiting to be read? I do.

Just now finished the “Human.4” by Mike Lancaster. For the first time I bought a brand new fiction book at Amazon, where by “brand new” I mean something that wasn’t read and recommended by previous generations. You know, it’s not a classical book of Stephen King or some sort of old school Sci-Fi or even something from previous centuries. This one was first published in 2011 and is mentioning things like YouTube, Red Bull, Facebook etc. Overall, it’s between the “13th floor” and “Langolliers” with influence of Matrix. However, it’s rather short and I manager to complete it in two days, since I’ve only began yesterday. Maybe that’s fine for a Sci-Fi novel.

What’s left in the pile? It’s Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, 2 editions – one in Russian and one in English. A girl with dragon tattoo in both English and Russian and two other books by Stig Larsson in English. Also there are Chronicles of Amber by Zelazni and blue beard by Kurt Vonnegut, both in Russian but they don’t count, as I’ve read them already years ago.

Oh, yes, also there is “Como el rio que flue” by Coelho, which is in Spanish, but just like any other book of Coelho it’s not entertaining at all and I read it time after time just because it’s well written.

The point is – don’t restrict yourself in artificial borders, expand!

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