Skipping bits

by Dmitry Kirsanov 8. September 2011 11:26

Most of us consider ourselves professionals in what we do. Systems Administrators, Software Developers, whoever else, once we start considering ourselves as professionals, whether it is because others told us so or because we were promoted – that becomes a milestone and an impediment for further development.

Promotion or awe is what puts us into the comfort zone, state of mind when we can easily believe that we are supreme and that will last forever. False sense of security, idea that current state of technologies will stay the same even tomorrow or that we are using the best out of something. And that’s the pitfall.

When you think that you are using only the best features of some technology and that will be enough for today and tomorrow – you are wrong.

So, what this post is about? It’s about the behavior of people who are trying to learn something new, but skip parts they already “know” or won’t need in foreseeable future. First of all, you think you know, and second – you will need the most complicated part of the technology when you least expect it.

As an example – me and WCF, which is Windows Communication Foundation.  During my training  I skipped the security part, as I already knew WSE, I perfectly know Security+ and CISSP, what could be wrong? It took me 2 days to fix a “complicated” configuration of WCF web service at client’s highly secure area. The whole topic would take 3 hours during the training.

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