Team Foundation Server 2010 for Developers - part 8 - Test to Development

by Dmitry Kirsanov 14. March 2012 02:30

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010Once your Team Foundation Server is performing automated UI testing on daily basis, it starts to check your code when needed. When Team Foundation Server finds that your software is doing something unexpected, it automatically creates the bug work item. This time we are going to talk about these bugs, how to get most out of them, and how to use that functionality to boost the effectiveness of your software development.

When you are dealing with human, who is testing your software, it’s relatively easy to interview him and get as much details about the test as possible. Environment, circumstances, system settings. While the human usually knows much, usually he won’t provide you with all the information right from the start.

On the other hand, when computer is testing your software, there is no second chance – all information should be provided right from the start. So, the video you’ll see below is about how to create new bug work items automatically and how to work with gathered data, including saving the intelliTrace information which allows you to debug the session performed by test agent automatically.

Team Foundation Server 2010 for Developers - 8 - Test to Development
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