A preface for a series of posts regarding software testing

by Dmitry Kirsanov 9. November 2023 07:00

From my more than two decades of expertise in software development, DevOps, and system administration, one lesson I’ve learnt is the importance of software testing. It’s not by chance that this post tackles the significance of learning software testing theory and techniques. In my tenure, testing has proven to be the backbone of software development- for both test specialists and developers.

Software testers often find themselves thrust into the field with little formal training on the same. The lack of structured learning on software testing for testers equates to a missing puzzle piece in the grand scheme of software development. While it might seem to work fine for developers, the long-term impacts are evident.

Years back, software testing was an undeniable part of the developer’s job description. Fast forward to the current digital landscape, to some extent, it still is. However, the landscape is ever-evolving and the distinctions between development and testing are becoming significantly defined. For developers, having a sound understanding of software testing techniques equips them with an upper hand. It helps them comprehend how their software will be scrutinized and gives them better insights into producing robust, fault-tolerant solutions.

More importantly, they can comfortably converse in 'test speak', tossing around terms such as "integration testing" or "regression testing" without sounding like a fish out of water. It’s high time we look at software testing as not just an isolated quality assurance method, but a vital segment of the software development lifecycle.

The onus is on us to demystify software testing, empower our testers with the necessary knowledge, and equip developers with the insight of how the other side operates. Only then can we lay a firm bedrock for developing software solutions that are in tune with customer needs and market dynamics.

In reality, software testing is not a post-development stage, but a continuous, concurrent process. This realization will take developers and testers a long way in building software that stands the test of time and delivers value to the end user.

Understanding software testing theory and techniques should lie at the heart of any software project. It is the validating factor that ensures that we meet customer expectations in the most error-free manner. Make it a priority today.



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