AI: The Freelance Market's New Power Player

by Dmitry Kirsanov 13. October 2023 19:10

Artificial intelligence isn’t just the newest kid on the block – it’s moved into the neighborhood, renovated the dilapidated house up the street, and is charming all the IT companies in sight. Language models are the current crown jewel. Wherever you turn, they turn up – analyzing data, generating content, writing code – making inroads into projects that used to be the sole domain of humans.

ChatGPT is in the vanguard, but its co-conquerors aren’t far behind. The once unchallenged battlegrounds of programmers, data scientists, and project managers have seen quite the shakeup. This isn’t just an improvement; it’s a revolution marked by enhanced speed, quality, and significantly reduced costs.

While the pros are still hesitant, the tide has swiftly swept the freelancer domain. Now, the once 'necessary evils' face a new breed of competitors - kids with fast computers unearthing potential AI was designed for. Their battlegrounds? Transcriptions, translations, illustrations, casual poetry, copywriting - you name it.

Take our friend, the journalist. He records an interview for an article, leaving transcription and writing to a trusty freelancer. Then enters ChatGPT – all it needs is a few commands, and voila! A transcription better than the best human scribe, and an article teeming with thought and creativity. The cost of this magic trick? A fraction of what our journalist friend would shell out to his freelancer.

Sure, the journalist still has his job - the charms of AI haven’t extended to the interview process yet. But what about the freelancers? Increasingly, they’re being relied upon only by those barely keeping up with the pace of technology.

Here's the fascinating ripple effect: early AI adopters are swimming in an encircling tide of capital, while the so-called 'necessary evils' are left grappling with a shrinking market and speedy competitors tinkering with AI out of sheer curiosity.

Drowning In A Sea of Sameness: ‘New’ Fields and AI

With the AI wand, any new business idea can transform into a cash magnet - or so one might think. The case of Speechki - an initiative that took the simple task of narrating the ChatGPT output and turned it into a business - offers a telling counter-narrative. A few months later, ChatGPT began offering the same for free. The landscape of 'new' ideas is rapidly turning into a barren wasteland of sameness.

But there’s a silver lining to this tale of gloom. The AI revolution isn’t a door shutting on you; it’s simply a window opening somewhere else. When new business ideas are relentlessly pursued, monopolies sway, innovation sparks, markets bloom, and prospects for financial success sprout. More choices mean reduced dependence on a single provider and an unexpected opportunity to strengthen your independence in the paradoxically freedom-intense world of AI.

So, the next time you find yourself wondering about the 'AI vs. Human' debate, remember this: every creative invention does not necessarily lead to profit, but it irrefutably drives market expansion, technological advancement, self-reliance, and the audacious thrill of partaking in an ever-evolving, dynamic world.



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