AI job replacement: Another one bites the dust

by Dmitry Kirsanov 7. February 2024 21:08

Despite the frequent reassurances that artificial intelligence (AI) will not render our jobs redundant, there is a caveat that we must acknowledge. While AI is not going to disrupt every professional sphere, it is certainly on track to replace roles that were initially established as mundane, non-creative tasks, often performed merely to maintain status quo.

Let's explore an example of such a role , the weather announcer. Regardless of whether the task entails live TV broadcasts or crafting narratives for online platforms, it essentially remains a monotonous duty. Enter a revolutionary website that has successfully replaced the human factor in weather forecasting, and quite impressively so.

This pioneering platform presents daily and weekly weather forecasts through a variety of mediums, including animated videos, audio podcasts, and elaborative texts. What's incredible about this service is not just its comprehensive automation, but the value it adds by going beyond mere data presentation. Rather than merely listing out weather elements like temperature, humidity, and so on, it performs a complete analysis, turning the raw data into a practical, user-friendly dialogue about what tomorrow will look like, hour by hour, and what it will actually mean for you.

At this stage, the service caters to a select number of cities (such as Dublin, Riga or Moscow), positioning itself as a trail-blazing technological experiment that combines various AI applications to produce one innovative solution. One of the key features of this service is its multilingual capacity, designed to accommodate cities with diverse linguistic landscapes. The weather analysis generated by the platform is then translated, vocalised, and spun into engaging videos that are uploaded onto locally popular hosting platforms such as YouTube and Rutube for Russia - even Telegram and their own website.

This glimpse into the transformative power of AI provides a vision of what our not-so-distant future may look like. It offers a promise of practical assistance in our daily lives, in ways we may not have imagined possible. This is the AI revolution - not a takeover, but a redefinition of how we perceive and interact with the world around us.



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