Transcribing Your Online Meeting: A Modern Marvel

by Dmitry Kirsanov 8. September 2023 21:36

Picture this: you've just wrapped up an extensive online meeting, your brain is swimming with all the information, and you wish someone (or something) could give you precise notes on everything discussed. Fear not, because today, I'll walk you through a futuristic way to get all your notes in a snap. And spoiler alert: It's not your trusty old pen and paper.

Lightbulb Moment: This process only requires your meeting's audio file. Got a video? No worries. We'll work with that too. And the wizardry doesn't end there; this method can pinpoint who said what purely based on the text. The future really is now.

1. Grab that Audio File First things first, get your audio file. You can use recordings from Microsoft Teams or any other meeting software. If by chance you have a video, fret not. Convert it into an MP3 format using applications like SoundWorks. Quick tip: There's a smorgasbord of free tools out there for this.

2. Enter the World of Telegram Almost every device today has a Telegram client. For those out of the loop, Telegram is essentially a messaging app. But its magic lies in its support for powerful bots. Think of a Telegram bot as a mini-server in the cloud. And for our purpose, we'll be invoking the services of a bot named Ilexa, who, fun fact, has its cloud stationed in Ireland. Good tidings for those with a keen eye on GDPR.

3. Engage with Ilexa Simply drop your audio file to the bot, and in the title, mention either "meeting" or "lecture". Sending it through mobile? Ensure it's sent as a "Music" file. Ilexa will acknowledge the receipt and share a task ID. Handy if you ever need to contact support.


Give it a few minutes (typically around 30% of your audio file's duration), and voilà! First, you'll receive the transcription, followed closely by a comprehensive analysis.

Why "Lecture"? Well, for students (especially those with ADHD), this can be game-changing. Ilexa doesn't just transcribe; it revamps the entire lecture, making it concise and minus the mundane parts. If the lecture is in a different language, just toss it to an online translator afterward!

Limits? What Limits? From personal experience, I've processed meetings that lasted over an hour with zero hitches. Cost-wise, it's about 1 cent per 2 minutes. When you put that against the invaluable insights from a business meeting (especially one you might have dozed off in), it's a no-brainer.

When you begin, there's a nominal balance in your account. Ideal for trying out with shorter files. If, for some cosmic reason, things don't align, they have an efficient support channel.

Essential Links for the Tech-savvy:

To wrap up, the next time you sit through a seemingly endless meeting or lecture, remember, there's a bot out there ready to make sense of it all for you. So, the future of note-taking? It’s not typing; it’s Ilexa-ing! (Sorry, I had to).

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