The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (and Apple Notebook)

by Dmitry Kirsanov 14. January 2012 00:31

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

This article is about the product placement of Apple in the recent movie by Stieg Larsson’s “The girl with the dragon tattoo”.

I didn’t know, until today, that Apple notebooks suck so much. I mean – they should be the worst notebooks created by human kind. According to the movie, of course, as that was one of my impressions as I left the cinema.

I don’t know how much Apple paid for product placement in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – a new movie by David Fincher, featuring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara with beautiful soundtrack by Trent Reznor, but turns out that was the worst product placement I’ve ever seen.

First of all – believe it or not, but Apple MacBook Pro notebooks are very mainstream. Just about everyone in Sweden is using them, according to the movie. The most notorious movie with Daniel Craig, the Casino Royale, opened our eyes to the fact that just about everyone in the world is using Sony Ericsson mobile phones, sometimes with features and performance they never had and perhaps never will. It’s the same this time.

Her computer broke down all of a sudden and repairman said that it’s impossible to recover information from it. Is it what you want from your Apple MacBook? And in order to get another MacBook Pro, the owner of MacBook had to go through a whole adventure with the nasty guy, instead of getting a new notebook by warranty. So, does the warranty of Apple work like this? Did they show what you have to go through when your MacBook is broken?

By the way, the part with loosing all the data was factually correct – you can’t recover your data from the MacBook Air notebook, as I mentioned earlier. Excerpt that in her case it wasn’t Air.

Third “fact” about MacBooks you get from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – it’s easy to own them, in terms of hacking. It was perfectly described in the book, that Lisbeth Salander (the Girl herself) was the best hacker in Sweden, and author even described in details how exactly she hacked into computers (by the way, it was  quite appealing). However, nowhere in the movie anyone mentioned that fact. Or that she is a hacker at all. So what did we see? A punk girl is “owning” MacBooks with no efforts applied.

- “But they (files) are encrypted!”
- “Please …”

So, the encryption inside of MacOs “is” terrible and perhaps non-existent, as if problems with warranty were not enough.

Trying to speak more seriously, though, Stieg Larsson was a big fan of Apple, and all types of Apple computers are everywhere in the trilogy. However, my point is that the book doesn’t have that fleur of product placement and it perfectly explains all why’s and how’s. The movie doesn’t. Instead, it appears that the whole sequel (after the original Swedish movie, filmed just 3 years ago) was made with a single target – to create a long and tasteless advert of Apple and Volvo.

I am not going to discuss the movie itself, as I’ve read the book previously. And I will only tell that acting and music were great, and the only way you can be disappointed with this movie is if you were reading the book. Or if you own a MacBook.

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