SEO Tips and Tricks 2012: Pretend You are Something Else

by Dmitry Kirsanov 15. February 2012 13:01

SEOHow about to own the official page of your country? No less! Create a page of your country (or state, city, district – whatever is more relevant to your country) and place huge banners throughout the city claiming something like “We have X and Y and now we have the Facebook page! What are you waiting for, like us!”. Instead of X and Y you can place what your country is known foremost and what your people are proud of.

I didn’t invent this idea, even though it was obvious. I look at huge banners in the streets of my city and see the advertisement of a website, pretending to be the official page of “us”, where “us” could mean either Latvia (the country, that is) or a PR company which actually owns that website.

The website - is nothing but description of the Facebook page, and claims, that it’s “Official Facebook page of Latvia”, even though “it’s not funded from the country budget, but instead funded by people who cares about the positive image of it”. In other words – it’s personal page which belongs to the PR agency (“MMS COMMUNICATIONS LATVIA” Ltd) and has nothing to do with the state.

The Facebook page does nothing but offering Like in exchange for your Like. Just like one of those Twitter bots which automatically follow you as long as you follow them.

As for now, the page has only 17500 likes, which in my opinion is very humble result, taking into account the investment into the initial PR. However, that was quite smart investment. And here is why.

Imagine, that your country has quite powerful national idea. This would increase chances of your website banner to appear somewhere for free. People would think it’s their obligation to “Like” your page, they will think they are doing something good for the country. And that’s quite funny.

Now, what’s the point of that website? Easy. You will have a lot of links, your website will be mentioned even though it doesn’t have to have any contents. Your Page rank is irrelevant, but it will become high, but most importantly – because of the high amount of likes (!) your page will get authority with search engines, so every link you’ll put on your page will cost a lot.

In six months from now, the Leo Burnett (the company behind the mentioned website) will be able to sell adverts on that page to its clients for a very high price, which will far exceed all PR expenses of this campaign. Brilliant!

So, what are you waiting for? Create a Google+ page of your country / state / city / social layer / whatever and mark your part of the windfall. Just kidding.

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